The playlist to the right includes selected tracks that have been recorded at our facility.  For details of the project see the mini descriptions for each project below:
Dallin Ames, Various Acoustic Covers (Dec-2013)
Dallin (also of 10 Dead Men) - came in to do a personal project consisting of three acoustic covers.  He was kind enough to allow us to use one of these on our samples page here.  If you're interested in getting in touch with Dallin we would direct you to his Band's facebook page.

Dustbloom, Keeping the Black Dog at Bay (May-2014)
Dustbloom is  a 4-piece band from Salt Lake City, UT.  Full disclosure, our engineer Chris Jensen is a member of the band.  They have been working on a full length album in the studio in Chris's spare time over the past few months.  Due to the special circumstances of this project they've been able to take their time both on tracking and mixing amassing a huge amount of studio time.

The Contras , EP #1
The Contras are a 4-piece band from Ogden, Utah describing their sound as "Like the Arctic Monkeys without the accent".  This project was their first E.P., they wanted to record 5 songs on a tight budget.  The total length of this project was 1.5 days, one day for tracking and half day for mixing/editing.  To meet these aggressive goals we tracked using a hybrid live/track at a time approach and a certain amount of human error was accepted in the performances.  The resulting tracks have a natural, gritty sound full of that vintage ambiance and human feel. 
You can listen to and buy their full E.P. through bandcamp

10 Dead Men, The Horror Demo (Oct-2013)
10 Dead Men is a new project by Dallin Ames and Cole Ottoson.  They approached us looking to record a 5 song demo on a tight budget. The tracking was completed in a single day.  Mixing and editing took approximately 7 hours.
You can keep up with 10 Dead Men on facebook