About Us

We are a full service recording studio located in Salt Lake City, Ut.  Red Light Recording was co-founded by two like-minded individuals who believe that high-end-commercial-quality recordings should not be reserved for those that can afford to spend a fortune on studio time.  Leveraging recent technology advances in pro audio, we have built and equipped our facility to enable commercial quality recording.

The Engineer/Producer/Composer
Equipment and facilities are important, but the best facility and equipment is useless without the right person behind the desk.  Co-owner and lead engineer, Chris Jensen, has spent his life studying music and working in the industry.  Chris earned his B.A. in Music Performance and Music Business at University of Georgia, studied Music Production at Sacramento City College, and completed the Digital Studio Production program at Pyramind in San Francisco.

In addition to his extensive education, Chris has been a working engineer/musician composing and performing with various organizations, groups and bands covering nearly every genre from classical to rock to metal to electronic.  With a wide breadth of experience, Chris knows what various projects should sound like and how to make them sound as best as possible.  Chris is easily Red Light Recording's greatest asset.  Whether he's playing the role of engineer, producer, songwriter/composer or any combination of the three; Chris's experience, skill and passion shines through in all his work.

The Equipment
The core of our equipment is comprised of a Pro Tools rig with a Universal Audio Apollo Quad converter.  We've augmented this setup with some boutique mic pres and a selection of microphones that allow us to capture pristine audio and apply any addition adjustments utilizing a large library of plug-ins.  See our Equipment List if you're into that sort of thing.

The Facility
Our facility was built using standard commercial studio construction techniques including decoupled multilayer double wall/ceiling construction and HVAC dead vent isolation.  We designed and treated our control and tracking rooms to minimize the occurrence of room modes and standing waves.  We utilize movable treatments to provide a more live or dead tracking room based on the customer project needs.