Hourly Rates
Rates include engineer and use of all studio facilities, equipment and instruments:

 Hourly Studio Rate*
Full Day (Single 10 hour block)**
* The minimum session we normally book is a 3-hour block.  Even if your  project takes less than 3 hours you will be
    charged for a minimum of 3 hours.
** 10 hour block includes client breaks.

We offer two approaches to mixing:
  • Client present during mixing - this is charged at the normal hourly rates listed above.  The client would be onsite while our engineer performs your mix and provides feedback throughout the process.  We've found this more expensive and time consuming than having our engineer perform the initial mix and 1 round of revisions without the client present.
  • Client not present during mixing - this is may be charged on a per song basis or an hourly basis depending on the project. The most common approach entails an initial mix sent to the client and then one or more revisions based on client feedback.  We find most clients expectations are met after the initial mix and first round of revisions..

File Preperation/Stem Production/Archive Retrieval

At the end of a session we will provide a bounced rough mixed version of the tracks you have recorded.  If you have time enough within your session you can have our engineer provide you with stems and alternate mixes.  Part of our fixed price mixing includes delivery of the files as both MP3 and WAV files. 

We can accommodate request
to create stems, alternate mixes, or perform archive file retrieval, we will quote you a price for these services for each request (it is normally a discounted hourly rate).

Traditional Session Recording

We record one track at a time, layer them together and provide a starting point for editing and mixing.

Live Group Recording

For the group that is well rehearsed and looking for the sound of a live band playing together we can track up to 18 simultaneous 24-bit/48khz tracks or 16 simultaneous 24-bit/96khz tracks at once.


Once the recording is completed (whether through us, by another group or by yourself) we take the multiple track recording files and create a mix including automation, additional effects, sound reinforcement/replacement to get you a mix that can be sent to a mastering house or bounced out to any format you desire.